- Skyler Van-Ardis

Human Rogue 4th Level


Skyler’s tall for a woman at 5’8" and fairly athletic looking. She has fine features and a certain grace in her movements that don’t match with her endless ruddy discourse. Sort of like a royal ballet dancer with a back-alley con-artists mouth.

She’s dressed in a tight-fitting doublet and hose of plain style, and has soft buckle-boots up to the knee.

Her hair is cut in a bob, with a decorated scarf dangling with talismans and trinkets holding the fringe off her forehead and passing over her ears and under the nape of her neck.

If she’s offered trinkets or small talismans as gifts, they soon end up dangling off the head-scarf…..“for luck ya geeza! Pharasma’s not always helping out.”

Skyler’s taken to wearing funerary soot-makeup around her eyes permanently. “I’ll take it off when we done right by Tycho n’ta Proff.”

Her right eye has lost it’s colour, the black pupil centred in ghostly off-white. She wears an eye-patch over it when in polite company…..“still works”, she says flipping up the patch, “just looks naff, know wha’h I mean?”


Skyler explains to any of the PC’s willing to tolerate her lengthy banter that she’s actually a half-elf…..she shows you her pointed ears deliberately concealed under her head-scarf, and extravagantly cocks one eyebrow….“only elves can go that high, did you know that?”

She explains her mum’s a she-elf sorceress from down there a bit (vague waggling of finger). Her dad was a human wizard, but he died…………not the greatest parents, heads in the clouds, farting about with spells and books and all that sodding naffery……“don’t have much time for books, see? They stop you pay’n attention to the important things right in front of ya. I’ll nick’em if that’s what you want, but don’t make me read the buggers.”

Best thing mum did was make her meet Lorimore………“sodding best thing ever.”

Anyway, if you want something looked at quiet-like, she’s your girl!
“And when I say quiet, I mean click click click…pop…..gems in the hand and an empty strong-box.” (cheeky wink)

Skyler is still fairly irreverent in her banter, but routinely performs small rituals throughout her day….swirling for Pharasma on the sides of cups and bowls before eating, touching an inquisitor’s cygnet ring braided onto her head-scarf before handling her duelling sword, and fastidiously avoiding the joins between flagstones when walking over them. She also does a weird thing where she deliberately drops food between the cracks in flagstones….“for them poor buggers trapped underneath”, she mutters.

- Skyler Van-Ardis

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